Transgender Day of Visibility statement

Amberley Collaborative organizer Meg Wallace delivered this statement at a meeting of the Waco City Council in recognition of the Transgender Day of Visibility on April 5, 2022:

The Amberley Collaborative’s mission is to strengthen community support for people experiencing challenging and isolating life circumstances.

Growing up transgender can be very challenging, and isolation makes it even harder. Transgender youth are at high risk for depression, anxiety, and suicide. They are often bullied, and many are rejected by their families. Transgender youth are far more likely than their peers to become homeless or wind up in foster care.

Transgender youth fare a whole lot better when they have their family’s support. And transgender youth and their families will be stronger for their journey when they have their community’s support.

The transgender youth of Waco and their families have the Amberley Collaborative’s support.