Referrals and service navigation

Over time the Amberley Collaborative will become a hub for referrals and resource navigation for people facing challenges like disability and family transitions, and for those who help them. We will do this in four ways:

1. We will build our Care Library with answers to questions how to access formal and informal services and resources in the Waco area. As we build the library, we will create an index to make this information easily findable.

2. We will cultivate relationships with congregational benevolence managers and other natural helpers in the community to learn what information they need and already use to help people well, and to show them how to use the Care Library.

3. We will create or solicit print and video blog content to present more detailed information about navigating various types of support systems.

4. Building on the model of the Lilac Tree, a Chicago-area organization serving people going through divorce, we will develop a list a professional service providers whom we have vetted and can recommend to provide legal, financial, counseling, and other support to individuals and families affected by various disabilities and life transitions.