Our resource library is a guide to both professional and informal resources in the Waco area. We don’t simply offer a list of places to call. We tell you about available options and walk you through the process of making the necessary connections.

Best of all, readers help us generate the content. You ask the questions, and we research the answers and post them here. We also invite you to improve our answers by telling us about your experiences with these resources, and by offering updates, corrections, and new information.

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I recently had a seizure, and I can’t drive for three months. What are my options for transportation in the Waco area?

Where can I get affordable or free counseling in the Waco area?

I am the SSI representative payee for my daughter. She started a new job, and I need an easy way to report her wages to Social Security. Is there a phone number I can use where I won’t have a long hold time?

I have a service animal and Waco area businesses sometimes turn us away. Who can help me spread the word to businesses about the rights of people who rely on service animals?

We just moved to Waco, and our adult daughter with Down Syndrome needs to build new social connections here. Where do we begin?

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