Mental health in congregations initiative

The Amberley Collaborative is working with faith communities to improve their responsiveness to people affected by mental illness.

The mental health in congregations initiative began with a survey of leaders of 21 Waco-area congregations to learn what they observe about mental illness within their congregations, how they support people affected by it, how they help folks connect with professional services, and what kind of assistance might help their congregations respond more effectively.

Our next steps:

1. Complete our report on the congregational survey.

2. Share our results with participating congregations and the Waco community at large.

3. Plan for continuing education opportunities to educate faith communities about mental illness and ways to support individuals and families living with challenges to mental well-being.

4. Conduct workshops with ministerial groups and support groups to report on our survey findings and imagine together creative ways to support congregants affected by mental illness.


Would you like to help your congregation respond more effectively to people affected by mental illness? Fill out the form below to join the initiative and receive updates on our progress.