Community Access Team

All of us benefit from full access to community amenities.

But some of us experience barriers to access when front-line staff and service providers are unsure how to interact effectively with their customers who have communication, mobility, and sensory differences.

The Community Access Team, formed in January 2020, aims to improve access to community businesses and organizations by helping business leaders and front-line staff learn how to present their goods and services in an accessible way, and by recognizing those that serve people of all abilities well.

This new team has set out several tasks for itself in the first year:

1. Learn from people with disabilities about what works well for them when they visit local business and how those businesses can serve them better.

2. Ask the publishers of local best-of magazines to include disability-related categories and develop other ways to recognize businesses that serve people of all abilities well.

3. Begin conversations at Chambers of Commerce and other gatherings of business leaders about effective service to people of all abilities.

4. Explore existing models for improving access to community amenities.


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