LGBTQ community


The Amberley Collaborative’s mission is to strengthen support systems for people facing isolating and challenging circumstances.

Being LGBTQ in Waco can certainly be isolating and challenging. Fortunately, there are some wonderful support groups where you can connect, as well as faith communities that have declared themselves open and affirming. You can find details about these groups and communities below.

If you know about additional support groups and affirming communities, please let us know on the form at the bottom of this page. Thank you!

So far we have listings for:

Waco Pride Network
Affirming faith communities


Waco Pride Network

The Waco Pride Network fosters a positive, open, and compassionate LGBTQ+ community in Waco and surrounding areas. Please visit the Programs page on the Waco Pride Network website for multiple opportunities for connection, including a parent support group, the Waco Youth Pride Alliance, and adult and young adult Facebook groups.


Affirming faith communities

Several Waco-area faith communities have written documents or statements indicating their support of marriage and leadership in their communities regardless of gender, sexual orientation, or LGBTQ status. These communities include:
Lakeshore Baptist Church
University Baptist Church
Central Texas Metropolitan Community Church
Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Waco

Help us keep these listings up to date! Please use the form below to send us corrections, updates, or suggestions about additional social groups and affirming communities to list.