Community collaborations

In addition to developing its own projects, the Amberley Collaborative is active in a variety of organizations and coalitions that share the purpose of increasing the caring capacity of Waco and McLennan County. These include:

Waco Mayor’s Committee for People with Disabilities
Prosper Waco‘s Collaborative Approach to Public Good Investments (CAPGI) project
Bienestar Latino Mental Health Coalition
Our Community Our Future, Central Texas system of care group for child and youth behavioral health
Waco Walks advocacy efforts

Also, various members of the Amberley Collaborative board are active in the Waco Foundation’s Leadership Plenty Institute, the Waco-area arts community, the Waco Foundation’s Communications Co-op, and the Waco-area small business community. The Amberley Collaborative’s organizer and several board members have completed the Cooper Foundation‘s board governance training.