ABLE accounts for people with disabilities:
A Q&A with attorney Elisa Rainey

September 25, 2019

People with disabilities who are receiving SSI (Supplemental Security Income) benefits or Medicaid need to be careful about how they manage their funds because their benefits can be reduced or discontinued if they receive or save too much money. But it can be very difficult to meet monthly expenses without exceeding those limits. Even modest […]

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Electric scooters in Waco: A Q&A with Gotcha

August 1, 2019

Electric scooter rental is coming to Waco this summer. Rental scooters have been wildly popular in cities like Austin and San Antonio, but they have also caused major problems for people with disabilities when users ride them on sidewalks or leave them in places that block pedestrian paths. Having heard those concerns, the Amberley Collaborative […]

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Autism acceptance for 30 days and every day

May 1, 2019

Michael Lopez, a founding member of the Texas Democrats with Disabilities Official Discussion Group on Facebook, published a series of daily posts for Autism Acceptance Month in April 2019. With Michael’s permission, I am republishing the series here. Michael’s bio, in his own words: “I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome as an adult after I […]

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“People are for each other”

October 1, 2018

By the time the computer shop owner unlocked the door, it was close to 7 pm, and I was a basket case. I had just left a full-time but dead-end job with a magazine. I had started a class in grad school so I could get student health insurance for my family. I had lined […]

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