Our name

Amberley Collaborative organizer Meg Wallace grew up in a beautiful Cincinnati-area community called Amberley Village, where she found freedom and adventure, beauty and comfort, companionship and peace in the woods and creeks during all seasons of the year. Each season had its delights and hardships: the skin-toasting heat of summer, the glorious colors then increasing grayness of autumn, the exhilarating snow and biting cold of winter, and the mud and bloom of spring. For Meg the name Amberley came to mean beauty and change in all seasons of life, sometimes experienced joyfully with friends or family and sometimes a setting for solitary contemplation or outpourings of grief.

The Amberley Collaborative is a small nonprofit that aims to develop a broad reach by collaborating with and equipping carers in the community. Together we can bring beauty and comfort into one another’s lives as we wrestle with challenges and travel together through life transitions.